Giving Thanks

Have you ever noticed that when you ask a guy what he is thinking and he says “nothing” it usually means that they are literally thinking nothing. Guys have this magic power where they can actually think nothing. Women however… at least for me, when you ask us “what are you thinking” and we girls say “nothing” it really means we are actually thinking about absolutely everything at once. I feel like I can’t ever answer because it’s all just swirling around and it’s not one specific thought, so I say nothing. Because let’s face it, women do not have the magic power to really think “nothing”. Kudos to the guys out there.

Driving home from church one night I was thinking nothing, but I was thinking about everything at once. All my problems, my stress, my relationships, work, shopping I had to do, cleaning house, how my head hurt… I could go on and on. Literally on and on about all the nothing I was thinking about. As a woman, it is so hard, basically impossible to turn it off. I could feel it making my muscles tight, my neck, back and head ache. I began to pray about my problems. Lift them up to my Heavenly Father that I know deeply cares about all my issues, but as I did this I visualized this little child coming to their Daddy whining and complaining.

What if I was that parent? Of course I would care about my child and their problems, want to hear all about them. I also thought, what if my child came to me all the time with their problems expecting me to fix them, make them feel better, but my little girl or boy never thanked me. What if they never acknowledged that I had helped them in times past. Newborns or little kids aren’t going to always be grateful, but surely older children would and should be. Surely they would thank their parent for what they’ve done, tell them how much they appreciate them. At least every once in a while.

I saw it all so clearly and saw how much of an ungrateful child I really am to my Heavenly Father. Years ago at our church, we put on a little play where one of the characters was an Israelite in the wilderness who always said “What has He done for us lately?”. I don’t want to be that child to my Father. “In everything give thanks…” it says in 1 Thessalonians. Not when things are going good, not sometimes, in EVERYTHING. Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, to be grateful when it feels like everything is falling apart. I personally think that is when “in Everything” really applies.

The stress, the ache in my head and shoulders faded the more I began to thank Him for what He’d done. Let’s face it, when you start to be grateful for what He has done and what you do have… all the other just doesn’t seem near as big or bad a problem. My problems shrank and so did my pain, but my love for my Heavenly Father grew.

“I will give thanks to you Lord, with all my heart, I will tell of your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1

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